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Ocean County ChriPastor Weigelstian Academy is a ministry of Ocean County Baptist Church. Pastor Michael A. Weigel and Pastor Thomas J. Hollowood founded it for the purpose of educating young people to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Our desired goal is to develop young men and women mentally, emotionally, academically, physically and most importantly, spiritually (Luke 2:52). We endeavor to provide the highest spiritual, academic and extra-curricular activities to achieve these goals.

The Bible gives Christian parents a clear command to properly educate their children (Proverbs 22:6). The church has historically helped parents in this great task, and in recent years, has become more of an extension of the parent’s role to educate and the church’s role to minister. Working together, the home, the church and Christian school can train Christian young people for service to God and man.

Christian education is unique in that it is based upon the Word of God and not man’s ideas. Therefore, all subjects are taught from a Biblical perspective, allowing students to see that all things were created by God, are related to God, and continue by God’s power (Colossians 1:16-17).

Each young person at OCCA is seen as a soul for whom Christ died. First of all, it is the responsibility of our school to reach each child with the Gospel of Christ, and then to help the student mature spiritually. Secondly, each young person is seen as a potential servant for Christ. our school must develop this potential servant through spiritual discipline, sound academics, proper social activities, and positive athletic programs.

It is our desired goal to develop these characteristics in each young person who attends OCCA so that they may serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Michael A. Weigel

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