OCCA Staff

Pastor Michael A. Weigel - Administrator

Pastor Michael de Juana - Principal

Pastor Nicholas Piervicenti - 7th-12th Grade Bible

Mrs. Laura Piervicenti - School Secretary

Mrs. Christine Petruzziello - Financial Secretary

Miriam Alleyne - K4 - Teacher Aide

Mrs. Shaylyn Bell - K4 - Teacher

Mrs. April Bialuk - K5 - Teacher

Mrs. Shari Breed - 1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Julie Houston - 2nd Grade - Teacher

Mrs. Karen Bierman - 3rd & 4th Grade - Teacher

Mrs. Kelly Danka - 5th & 6th Grade - Teacher

Mr. Daniel Kim - 7th-10th Grade Science, 10th & 11th Grade Geometry

Mrs. Tami Kennedy - 7th - 12th Grade - English

Mr. Dale Breed - 7th - 9th Grade Math, 11th Grade Chemistry

Mrs. Therese Spoulos - 5th-9th Grade Art, 6th Grade Math

Mrs. Kerri Umberger - 1st-4th Grade Art

Mrs. Maria Perez - 10th-12th Grade Spanish, Elementary Spanish and Computer

Mrs. Shirley Gray - Librarian


OCCA Teachers should be contacted via InfoDirect.  If you are a parent of a student and do not have a user ID or password for InfoDirect, please contact us and we will provide you with this information.