Academic scholarship is very important at Ocean County Christian Academy. The Bible is taught as an academic subject in all grades. There is an Honor Roll each grading period and at the end of each year. there are two categories on our Honor Roll. The end of year Honor Roll will be determined by the year's final grades. In the Junior/Senior High, Academic Achievement is a 3.00 grade point average, a 3.50 grade point average will earn Academic Honors.


High School Graduation Requirements

Our program of studies is considered college preparatory. Twenty-six (26) credits are required for graduation with a cumulative grade point average of 2.00.


OCCA Courses of Study

Bible - 4 years / 4 credits

English - 4 years / 4 credits

Mathematics - 3 years / 3 credits

History** - 4 years / 4 credits

Science* - 3 years / 3 credits

Physical Education - 4 years / 4 credits

Electives - 4 years / 4 credits

*Includes one unit of Biology
**Includes U.S. History

TOTAL Credits: 26


Every Student is also encouraged to be a part of our Athletic Programs. To qualify as a member of our basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, or track team, your child must fulfill the following requirements:

Maintain a 2.0 average.
Written permission slip from doctor confirming an up-to-date physical.
Liability waiver must be signed by both parents.

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance.